And before his mirrored eyes, the old year vanished.

Just as the year was about to end, it suddenly stopped still. The year found himself terribly attached, to his time, to his moments and memories, to himself. Time flows on, that is its nature – but, in its last moment, the year just couldn’t bear to let go.

The new year, in the time that suddenly stood still, felt the weight of the millions of beings awaiting him. He said to the old year, ‘You can’t freeze time. Let go. All those moments and memories and experiences, they are not you. That is only the illusion of time. Those moments, memories, and experiences, they have come and gone. Don’t hold on to them. All the universe is waiting, I must take the time from you now.’

‘But I will tell you something,’ he said, as he looked in the mirror into the old year’s eyes. ‘The old year comes to its end, and the new year takes over. But you, in your letting go, you live on. I, you see, am you.’

– Jottings from last year, just before the ringing of the midnight bells heralding the reign of the new Year.