After the deluge, the gods’ golden glance

may 23-24. And the heavens poured down on Kyoto.

may 25.  The morning marking one month of my morning vow was the most glorious morning on the river I have seen yet.

Why does the gold at the end of the rainbow always elude, hiding behind the leprechaun’s smile?

On this morning, my one month anniversary with the morning river and its surrounding mountains, I went out with great appreciation, and Sun, that beloved of mine and all, seemed to bestow on me in return his special golden glance.

After a few days of strong rains and clouds, a ray of pure gold shone down from above.  In the past thirty-so mornings, I had never seen such dazzling color.

This ray shone like the gold of the stupa in front of which I had meditated the day before, that had inspired me with glimpses of pure and perfect energy, enlightenment, sometimes called the Buddha mind, that is in our reach, when we let go of our own self.

Glimpses of enlightenment, as they are called, are like signposts or maps, showing us that this treasure really does exist, and giving us the clues, and incentive, to find it.

Like my meditation the day before that gradually took off, one by one, as if undressing, all the layers, grievances, egos of my self,  working through each obstacle of mind or body, so this ray of sun drowned out the clammer of my ego with its glimmering echoes.

I moved, and, the golden ray moved too.  I moved again, and there it was again, just in front of me.

No matter from where I stood on the river banks, the dazzling ray was just there.  It is not there in that spot on the water, I realized, but in my eyes, wherever I look.

With the whir of a camera expanding its wide-lens to fit in the universe,  it hit me that if it’s in front of my eyes, wherever I am, then it’s also in front of everyone’s eyes, from wherever they stand, or jog by.   It’s not one spot graced by a golden ray, but an entire golden river,  of which we can see only a small part, depending from where we look.

The enormity of this golden glance from above dazzled me.

The gold at the end of the rainbow eludes our eyes because it is in our eyes, wherever we look.  And so the leprechaun smiles, because he sees it there, inside our eyes, as we search.