First came the sound, called Bindu, says Indian cosmology.  Sound is vibration.  Vibration is movement and the echo is the sound of vibration in flux.  What is the echo of life, as it lives and moves?

The echo itself is alive, aware, awake.  It only appears a static mirror of sound, because we imagine it as a reflection.  In its revolving reverberations, the echo evolves, and with virgin sound, speaks the voice and wisdom of its journey.   The universe resounds with the echo of its infinite movements.  Every echo tells a story.  Speak, and an echo will tell others of its journey from you through eternity.  Listen, and you will hear the story of the universe, being whispered all around you.

Through the echoes of our dance, can we speak?

Within the echo exists infinity.  Silence, sound, voice, word, vibration,  reverberation.  In our sound we reach out, in our silence we receive.  In their union, mutuality is born.  Creation. Dialogue.  Evolution.  The echo speaks, and we resound.

A journeying beyond, a metamorphosis, the echo is a pilgrimage to its birth, where sound impregnates silence and the senses are born.

From my dance, an echo goes forth.  Awaiting its adventurous tale, I sense the whirl of other echoes reverberating their way as they pass through me.


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