King of This Stretch of The River

Shimmering sun rays came back to play.

May 3, Morning Glory.

One jogger makes sure to give me a cheery Ohayou Gozaimasu!, every morning as he passes by.  It was around this day that a man on a bicycle greeted me and my camera with a hearty ‘Hayai, Ne!’ (Early, isn’t it!) as he pedaled on with a big smile.


May 4, At this hour on the river, most people are moving, either jogging, walking, or out with their dogs.  It’s unusual to see someone pause to watch the water go by at this time.  I guess that’s what people think when they see me too.


A fresh day,  May 5.


The day before was a holiday, and the riverbanks were full with picnickers.


Best clean-er-up-ers in town, the pigeons are out in full force, marching forward in straight formation making sure the river bank is clean for the next people to frolic on its green grass.


King Of This Stretch Of The River comes to survey his domain.


Satisfied that all have acknowledged his rule,


he speeds off, his exit always making waves.



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